I scream for vengeance!!!

I have been working feverishly below the radar to further my plans, having made more money than I could count in a lifetime, having read countless weblog posts by dirtie commie hippies who if they had their way would ensure nobody got rich off of education…

I am back. I’ve been taking names, and plotting vengeance. 2006 was a very good year for Lighips, one that enhanced both my prestige and my bank balance. 2007 is the year when my preparations take root and my earnings take off. It’s time to get serious. You hippies have had free reign in the blogosphere long enough.

I’m relaunching this blog in a fancy new space — for free! These open source zealots at WordPress are suckers! Surely the traffic that this Web log, or “blog” generates will bring their servers to their knees, begging for mercy!

I will grant no mercy.


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