This is what happens to those who defy Leon Lighips

I extended the hand of friendship, and it was bitten by a rabid dog.

Since D’Arcy Normal has once again figured it all out (he is a crafty foe), I might as well own up. CogDogBlog was the first weblog to acknowledge my assault on the blogosphere, which is why it was the first target of my latest offensive.

I have accepted many pledges of obedience from those of you who run the Web logs (or “blogs”), but the last time I checked (a few minutes ago) not one of you has deposited a single dollar into the Lighips accounts. I am nearing the limits of my near-boundless patience. I hereby warn you all that continued piracy of copyrighted materials owned by Lighips eLearning Supremacy Inc will not be tolerated. Rest assured, you are all being monitored, and all of you who are making a quick buck exploiting the good name of Leon Lighips will live to rue the day. Sleep tight, sweeties.

And must I endure tiresome critiques such as these, from someone who has to “admit that [he is] slightly jealous” of me? (Obviously more than “slightly”, chum.)


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