News Flash: Lighips declares war on the IP freeloaders!

Hey copyright commies! Lighips is gunning for YOU!

The Communist Broadcasting Company burned up precious taxpayer dollars yesterday by airing the grievances of a couple aging hippies (one of them a professor from Berkeley — how cliched), griping away just because the sixties are OVER.

What axe were they grinding this time? The PBS documentary about the American Civil Rights Movement, Eyes on the Prize, can no longer be aired because the rights to much of the archival material used in the series has expired. Which means that lawsuits for copyright infringement are likely to result if it’s ever shown publicly. Boo hoo.

These spaced-out oldsters wasted a bunch of time whining about “eroding access to our shared cultural record”, and how multinational corporations view historical archives not as material critical for public memory but as an asset to be exploited for the benefit of their shareholders — well, why the heck shouldn’t they?

What a load of pinko “bull”! Thankfully, they followed up this nonsense with a sensible copyright lawyer, who scored critical points with some straight talk. Like, how managing historical footage is essentially the same as running a hotel. And how the best way to ensure the preservation of our cultural heritage is to keep it in private hands, allowing the profit motive and the invisible hand of the market to decide what gets preserved, what gets seen and by whom.

Personally, I don’t trust libraries and librarians. Their insistence on preserving and providing access to materials for free creeps me out. If there’s one thing I have learned in a lifetime fighting in the trenches of sales and direct marketing, it’s that there’s no such thing as a free lunch. It’s best to keep things of value in private hands — and in as few of them as possible.

Why do we allow freeloading malcontents to complain all the time about concentration of wealth? I like the idea of bigger pools of money being kept in fewer hands. It just makes it easier for me to TAP IN on this UNLIMITED WEALTH!

And you can too! Become a Lighips eLearning Supremacy Reseller! Don’t be a dirty hippie. Let’s gets serious. Let’s make some MONEY!


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