I’m so motivated that it hurts

These are exciting times at Lighips eLearning Supremacy Inc. I spoke to dozens of eager potential resellers this morning at a posh downtown hotel in a city that shall remain nameless. Why the secrecy? I respect you enough dear Web log (or “blog”) reader to know that a warrior never reveals his battleplan. Until I have proof of your intentions, until you start delivering the long green into my ready coffers, I must remain wary, and ever ready to strike with extreme prejudice.

All I know is I want some more motivation tapes. Lately I have started listening to them in the shower. Yesterday I was so engrossed in listening to my own product POWER SELLING that I used up half a bar of soap. Lather, rinse, repeat. It was so much fun. But guess I put the music box too far in the shower because it got wet and exploded. My landlord was not too happy when I complained to him that his power hookups didn’t work. (Yeah, like HE’S an electrician!!)


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